1. Write the plural forms.

1. I can see two (fish) __fishes____________ in the fish tank.

2. How many (child) _guys_____________ are there in the school yard?

 3. We still need three more forks and (knife) ___ knives ___________ for our dinner guests.

 4. Many trees lose their (leaf) ___ sheets __________ in the fall.

5. Many (deer) ____ reindeer __________ live in that forest.

6. Sharks can grow thousands of (tooth) ___teeth___________ in a lifetime.

7. What is the population of Mexico? How many (person) __ people____________ live there?

2. Please write the correct form of the adjective in parentheses.

1. Timmy is (young) than his brother. ..

2. Sheila ran (fast) than I did.

 3. Tom is (angry) than his boss about the situation.

 4. The book is (slow) than the movie.

5. The weather is (hot) today than yesterday.

 6. Jeff is the (big) football player on the temn.

 7. Tom is the (happy) of all the students.

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